After starting out in IT as a support technician, I soon realised a true passion for web development through hacking away at open source examples, discovering the possibilities of web technologies and unlocking key problem solving abilities along the way.

I work mainly as a backend php developer using Laravel and my experience includes researching, designing, testing, implementing and maintaining internal and external web applications for businesses from corporations to small and medium businesses.

I also enjoy frontend development and design work using frameworks like Vue and Tailwind. I have a keen eye for detail and usability and my work is standards compliant and accessible.


I've had a number of jobs over the years by constantly driving my career and skills forward with my passion for development and technology solutions.

Cyberhawk Innovations
Senior Software Developer
June 2021 Present

Description pending.

Click Digital Solutions
Technical Project Manager
April 2020 June 2021

As Technical Project Manager at Click, I ensured the development team continued to operate smoothly, and that projects were delivered to high standards using the latest technologies, backed by years of technical knowledge and experience.

Click Digital Solutions
Lead Developer
August 2019 April 2020

Collaborating with the Click management team, we quickly built Click up from the ground into one of the areas leading digital solutions providers.

Mobius Media
Development Manager
January 2019 August 2019

I was responsible for ensuring one of the teams of developers have the knowledge, tools and training to be able to do their jobs effectively. I also worked on complex Laravel projects for local, national and international clients.

Bluestorm Design
Senior Developer
June 2015 — January 2019

I was responsible for making sure the team of 5 other developers had the necessary training, tools and equipment to do their jobs effectively and efficiently. I mentored other developers, developing skills and finding creative solutions to complex problems.

Web Developer
July 2014 — June 2015

Created internal tools for staff use and client, supplier and business systems, along with public facing websites using Laravel.

Bluestorm Design
Web Developer
April 2012 — July 2014

Built websites from design using ExpressionEngine, html, css and javascript. Created and maintained management systems for internal use and clients with CodeIgniter. Created mobile applications using Xamarin and PhoneGap.

Net Expectations
Junior Web Developer
March 2011 — April 2012

Created websites from design using html, php, css and javascript. Built a multi-domain car customisation and management platform using a custom framework based on CodeIgniter.


Aside from work, I spend a lot of my free time working on personal projects inspired by my other interests. A couple of the web-based ones that were or are worth a mention are below.

garrysmods.org - File Hosting
Creator / Developer
March 2015 — Present

Created as a replacement for garrysmod.org which was a file hosting website for Garry's Mod addons, garrysmods.org brings a modern design and a few new features to a classic.

The site is built with Laravel, hosted on DigitalOcean and deployed using Envoyer and Forge.

The site saw over half a million page views in it's first two weeks and a steady ~1500 daily users. 9 months after launch the site had served over 12.5 million pageviews and over 25 terabytes of file downloads. Later in March 2018, over 40 million pageviews and 64 terrabytes of file downloads.

Garry’s Mod Stock Exchange - Fictional Stock Market
Creator / Developer
December 2014 — December 2015

Modeling real stock exchanges such as the NYSE and LSE, GMSE was a virtual stock trading system written in Laravel, complete with buy and sell orders, order matching algorithms and dividends.

The site is built with Laravel, hosted on DigitalOcean and deployed using Envoyer and Forge.

CoderHire - Game Developer Marketplace
Creator / Developer
March 2013 — September 2014

Starting as a project to allow Garry's Mod server owners to find and hire lua developers, CoderHire became a successful platform for developers to sell their work. The site oversaw over $250,000 (around £160,000) worth of transactions between it's users in the first year, and went on to see over $450,000 (around £290,000) by the time it was closed.

The site was written from scratch in a custom php framework based on CodeIgniter.